Tourism Accreditation


Always use and accredited operator – look for the “tick” 

So what is Tourism Accreditation and what does the “Tick” mean?

Tourism Businesses who display the accreditation tick have met a predetermined level of specific business criteria to enable them to provide and high level of quality customer service and best practice industry standards.

An accredited business is a business which has met set of nationally endorsed industry standards providing a model for continuous improvement in best business practice. These standards include:

  • Effective business planning
  • Professional and quality customer service
  • Accuracy in advertising
  • Compliance with legislative requirements
  • Appropriate business licensing
  • Sound environmental practices

The TAAL Role

TAAL’s charter is to provide leadership and coordination in the development and implementation of accreditation programs for the tourism industry within a national framework. It will provide for continuous increases in industry professionalism and standards, a quality experience for tourists throughout Australia and deliver clear business benefits for tourism enterprises.

TAAL has 11 Directors nominated from TAAL membership, appointed at the Annual Meeting and comprising:

  • three persons representative of Tourism Industry Associations;
  • four persons representative of Tourism Accreditation Program Managers, two of whom shall represent Generic Program Managers and two of whom shall represent Sectoral Program Managers;,
  • two persons nominated by ASCOT, and,
  • two independent persons.
  • The Chairman is appointed by the Directors

Additionally, membership of TAAL is available to interested entities representative of the categories of Tourism Industry Associations, Tourism Accreditation Program Managers, Australian State and Territory Tourism Organisations, and, individual and interested parties/organisations.


The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Come to Australia

In mid June it was announced that Australia will be the 2017 destination for the prestigious World's 50 Best Restaurants awards. The announcement was made by Tourism Australia at the Chef's Feast, a dinner for the best restaurateurs and chefs held on the eve of this year's edition of the awards in New York. William Drew, Group Editor of the World's 50 Best Restaurants made the announcement with Tourism Australia Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Ronson. The World's 50 Best Restaurants recognises the gastronomy of the world by bringing together an eclectic mix of culinary visionaries from the far corners of the globe. The results and subsequent award is based on votes from the Diner's Club World's 50 Best Restaurants Academy - an exclusive selection of 1000 of the most influential international leaders in the restaurant community.