5 Experiences That Prove Western Australia is Amazing


Australia is one of the huge countries which have lots of wonderful places to visit. Especially you can have an incredible place to in Western Australia and people says it is a hidden treasure of the continents. It is a place that offers for every type of traveller. Stay here, to know the amazing places in Western Australia who looking for adventures and relaxing seekers as well.

Ningaloo Reef

This is the best place to learn about the underwater wealth of Western Australia and it let you get truly close and personal to its marine inhabitants. Ningaloo Reef Marine Park is the one place on Earth that helps you to meet the whale shark, and swim by its side and it is more precisely located in Western Australia. It comes under UNESCO protection and hosts a large number of turtles, coral species, marine species, humpback whales, and a variety of fishes. For the adventurous, scuba-diving is there.

Margaret River

Margaret River offers a perfect escape from the city crowds and the local restaurants provide you with tasty cultural food and there are so many things there to see as well as that you’ll hardly have enough time to see all of it. Margaret River has spread the waves that always ready to lift your spirits and the crystal-clear beaches let your families in relaxation. In this region have limestone caves that provide impressive rock formation.

Shark Bay

Shark Bay is protected by UNESCO and a favorite for wildlife lovers. It is home to the most mesmerizing beaches and the famous Monkey Mia dolphins and this is the key reason for so many visits to these places. it is not only the sole attraction of this particular area, but you can also book an Aboriginal tour to learn more about the local culture, enjoy a camel ride, spend a few hours in snorkelling and swimming and sunbathing in the many bays of the area.

Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park belongs to one of Earth’s rarest treasures in Western Australia. It has a waterfall-like in fairy tale and vast landscape and it is the perfect place for nature lovers and wilderness adventures. To make the stay comfortable bring all the necessary outdoor camping gear, multi-functional knife, and durables shoes.


In many wild spots of Western Australia lies in its capital city of Perth. Although it doesn’t have a glamorous reputation as its Eastern siblings do, Perth is a truly eclectic city that has cultural riches and maintains which make relaxation in human spirit with the help of beachside metropolis. You can spend your days on a well-known beach such as Rockingham. However, you complete your visit on your list of places, make sure that you have stopped by one of Perth’s foodie hotspots, where you can taste authentic Aussie brunch menus and various worldly famous foods.

Last Lines,

The above information will surely help you set out on your Western Australia journey. Don’t miss out on the above-mentioned place which actually a beautiful part of the continent.