Useful tips for your exciting camping experience in 2024


Wilderness documentaries are great and survival training tutorials on YouTube can be fun, but you can’t really know what outdoors is like until you get out and actually start camping. Those who do it on a regular basis love to say that preparation and planning are half the fun, and they’re right. Getting ready and picking up the right equipment will make camping much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Finding shelter

Finding a safe and dry place to pitch their tent is the number one concern for any camper. Choose the tent based on your needs – the size, shape, and how easy it is to pitch and fold are the most important qualities to have in mind. Survey the landscape and make sure there are no trees that can pose a potential danger. Determine on which side the sun rises and adjust the tent accordingly. If you have neighbors, make an effort to meet them – first of all, because it’s a friendly thing to do and secondly, because you don’t want to spend the night next to someone you don’t like.

Food and water

Enjoying a meal in a natural setting is a unique experience. However, most of the preparation should be done while you’re still at home. Prepare the proper cookware, preferably made out of iron. Try to use as many multifunctional tools as possible to make packing easier and bring only the spices you’re really going to use. Modify the recipes to accommodate single-pan cooking wherever it’s possible and do all the chopping and measuring at home. Pack a few gallon jugs of water just in case and have a couple of bottles handy at all times. If you have a few tents and go hiking a lot, set up a few water stations along the path.

Survival kit

Most of the time camping is just good fun – sharing stories and experiencing the nature, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for something to go wrong. Put together a survival kit and have it on you at all times. Pack some water purifier tablets and a metal bowl. Waterproof matches are also a good idea, as well as a sturdy automatic knives. The kit should also contain a flashlight and batteries or a LED torch. In the end, pack a first aid kit as well, containing everything a car first aid kit would.


Enjoying nature doesn’t have to mean giving up on lights, cell phone chargers or any other technology, with the right generator, you can fuel these gadgets for days and go as deep into the wilderness as you want. Make sure you stock up on fuel before going anywhere. Plastic portable diesel tanks can be adapted to any environment and easily transported. They also come with an auto shut off nozzles which prevent fuel waste and can be equipped with a variety of different pipes based on your needs.

Cleaning up

The goal is to leave the camping site in the same condition it was when you got there. Make sure all the fires are put out before you start packing. Bring a few garbage bags with you and thoroughly inspect all the paths you took. The motto should be: take out what you bring in. If you’re camping with dogs or other pets have plastic bags prepared and take them with you once you’re done. The only thing you should leave is any extra wood you might have – it won’t do you any good at home and it can help others who camp there.

Spending a couple of nights in the wilderness and experiencing the outdoors can create a lifelong passion. The experience will be greatly enhanced if you prepare for it in advance and make sure you’re safe and comfortable.