Comprehensive Guide on Visa Travel Information


Are you ready to travel abroad? If you want to do so move there with your family and adventure outing with friends abroad. They need a visa for wandering from one country to another country.  As per the citizenship in a country and destinations of the trip, the visa policies and requirements change accordingly. There are some countries you might not require a visa for travelling there. Only if you get a visa you can get a green indication for travelling there and it is very significant for travel. Here are some indications that you must learn regarding your travel visa in different places.

Sri Lanka:

Getting a voyage visa for Srilanka is an easy job. You can just apply the v forisa in the line mode and get ETP that gives you maximum 30 days to stay.

Thailand :

There are two ways in which you can get a visa for Thailand they are through Thailand embassy which allows to stay for three business days and get a visa on arrival which is not that much simple. It requires the check-in 32 designated channels of the immigration checkpoints.

Malaysia :

Getting a visa to enter Malaysia is easy and you can get it by visiting the embassy and applications can be made online also for countries like China, India, Bhutan, etc. Others countries must get it in advance from the  Malaysian representative office abroad.

Maldives :

All the nationalities are given a free visa for thirty days in the Maldives and no pre-arrival is required.

Dubai :

The visa depends on the planes in Dubai and it can be valid for 30 days or 90 days duration but it can’t be renewed. Persons who exceed the validity of the visa must pay fine and charges.

Bhutan :

The inhabitants of India, Bangladesh, and the Maldives do not require a visa for entering Bhutan and other country residents must get it from Bhutanese your operator directly or from a foreign travel agent. Visa will be processed within 72 hours.

Vietnam :

In Vietnam, the process of getting a tourist visa and business visa is the same. It is done through the Vietnamese embassy or consulate officer in all countries. It takes 7 -8 working days for normal cases and it takes only 3-4 hours for emergencies.


In Australia, there are different type of visas available for visitors all around. E-visa is valid for 3 months in one year and it allows you to enjoy the holidays, visit friends, etc… And for others, It is a little bit different.

Singapore :

The visa allows to visit Singapore for tourism and leisure travel and business operation in this travel visa is prohibited. It’s divided into two types based on the category and citizenship of the country.

Nepal :

Getting a travel visa is very easy. You can get it before going there or within 15 of the stay, for that you need to provide hotel names, photos etc…

Bottom lines :

This is a few clues that you must keep in mind before scheduling a trip to these regions. Educational visas are also in demand like tourist visa.