Discover Down Under: your guide for backpacking Australia


Australia is always a dream destination for Alpinist around the world for its stunning beauty. It is a colossal continent with a jagged landscape, an adorable outdoor lifestyle, and with lots of sensible hearts. While planning for exploring the world, keep it always on the top as it boosts the positive experience for a solo alpinist and a group. There are many things that are to be planned before packing your bags, lets discuss a few of the main themes that help to get a clear view of what and why Australia takes the first priority in exploring.

Marching to Australia – why?

Australia is an imposing country that has oodles of things to experience like sailing then diving the road trips and more. It’s a party town and the best spot to hang out with a gang. This has an umpteen nature’s beauty with insane wildlife and thus the city has all to rock the trip.

Prompt time to Befall

Australia always has a fantastic climate, thus visiting the beauty is always the alpinist choice. If you visit by autumn/winter that starts from march to august you will enjoy shivering in the Great Ocean Road that is near Melbourne. Winter is not too cold where you can go on a trek to Uluru in the Aussie Sun. If planning to visit in summer/spring by the month of September to February it opens up a gateway of celebrating the Bondi Christmas and a stunning new year in the Sydney harbor with a glass of wine with loved ones that could be more romantic.

Levy for the Befall

It costs around a minimum of AUD $900 to AUD 1500 from the respective places you travel to where a specific Visa has to be applied. The daily budget cannot be calculated as it varies from person to person and the way of roaming around the city. The hotel may cost around $20 – $35 where the food and drinks may roughly cost around $25 – $40. The best part of Australia is that it has plenty of places that are free of costs for sightseeing.

Gen for the travelers

The alpinist must be ready for a long journey and if traveling alone Australia is the best place to meet new people and make friends. Check out the weather, pack accordingly, and do not forget to plan a sample itinerary. Learn to get adopted to the new tax schemes and the new lifestyle.

Best places to Roam

Alpinist should never forget to dive in the Great Barrier, Sail in the Whitsundays, explore Melbourne and go for a live sport watching. Visit Brisbane which is near to close gold that gives a unique vibe where that has various places to party. Do not ever forget to go on a road trip, rent a cargo on a long drive or take public transport sit relaxed, and enjoy the window view.

Check out all these guides before backpacking to Australia where planning is very important before flying to fly high.