How Many Spill Kits Do You Need For Your Warehouse Or Company?


Mr. Bomboosa has started a new business that deals with dangerous goods and materials. He is not ignorant. He cares for his workforce as much as he cares for his business. Thus, he is now planning to buy some spill kits, Australia to prevent any tragedy. He also deals in flammable materials and thus is asking for flammable liquid cabinets like Spill Station’s flammable liquid cabinet. So, what should be the number of spill kits for your warehouse or company?

How many spills kits do you need?

What are spill kits (Australia) after all? Spills happen all the time. For example, when you are in a kitchen, you sometimes spill oil on the floor. You clear it off using tissues and soap. These are small spills that easily get contained using usual materials. But what if there happens to be a large spill? Or a toxic spill? It happens all the time in the industry.

Commercial places and industries deal with materials at a large level. And there need to be enough preventive measures in place to contain the tragedy. For this, there are mandatory laws that require companies dealing into hazardous materials to have spill kits and other protective equipment like Spill Station’s flammable liquid cabinet. This brings down the chances of any life loss and environmental damage. But how do you decide on the quantity?

How to decide the quantity?

Although there are no one-word answers that could guide you through the way, there are some ways to help you with the number of spill kits (Australia).

First, it comes to the type of material you do deal in!

If you deal in the flammable and combustible type of material, you must have proper cabinets for it. There is the flammable liquid cabinet that stores flammable and combustible liquids within. It ensures that the spillage and fire does not break out and swallow the complete dorm. They are scientifically made. So, whenever you buy a flammable liquid cabinet, make sure that it meets the Australian standards for protective goods. Now it comes to the quantity. The cabinets are there according to their capacity. So know the amount of flammable material you are storing. For example, if the liquid is 100 liters then you would want a cabinet enough to store such an amount.

Now it comes to the spill containment. What if the spillage happens on the floor? For this, there are spill kits (Australia) that help in containing the spill. Spill kits too come according to their capacity of containing the spill. You would want to know the amount of liquid you deal in and thus buy the appropriate quantity.

Also, make sure that they are kept in place to ensure quick response at times of trouble. If you have a large workplace then go for a spill response trailer. It will save you from buying lots of spill kits. You’d be able to transport all the spill-containing equipment quickly where they are needed.

What else do you need apart from spill kits (Australia)?

Spill kits are to contain spills. It is all good till here. But what about your own safety? How do you ensure that you do not get caught while managing the spill? For this, there are PPEs, or Personal Protective Equipment. What all do they contain?

  • Protective gown that you’ll wear over your body.
  • Many pairs of gloves.
  • Goggles.
  • Shoes or shoe covers.
  • Face mask or face shield.
  • Vests, hard vests.
  • Hard hats if you deal in explosive materials.

These are the basics of PPEs. Apart from Spill Kits, Companies dealing in hazardous goods are required to have PPEs for the workforce. The more the toxicity of the material, the more stronger the equipment.

These are the basics of how you decide the number of spill kits (Australia) and now Mr. Bomboosa is happy.