Is a Granny Flat Worth it? Let’s find out


The modern world has been a hub of creation for a long time. And with various needs and demands popping up, time and again, we have experienced an amazing evolution in the housing industry. Different trends have grown and become a part of our daily lives. And amongst this long list, we have seen the development of granny flats as well. 

What is a Granny Flat? 

Granny flat is innovated with the aim of catering to eldery people’s needs. These flats have a set of functionalities that are promising enough to make life easier for the elders. Granny flat kits are easily available these days and you can get your own, and set it up, within a short time span. 


But the question is; is it worth it? 


Let’s find out. 

Is Granny Flat Worth it? Benefits that it offers: 

So is there any advantage of a granny flat? How do property owners benefit from it? Here is how! 

  1.  Enhances your Property’s Value:

If you are selling your property, remember that buyers will look at each and every aspect of it. Any additional element of your house that can be beneficial for the buyer, in the long run, will add up to its value significantly. And a granny flat is a good investment that adds quite a lot of value to your home. It enhances your return on investment. 

  1. Holding Families Together:

The bus schedules and the constant hustle and bustle has led to separation of eldery people from their loved ones. As an individual cannot invest time and effort into taking care of them, elders usually prefer living in retirement homes. But this is where a granny flat is definitely worth it. They are able to stay along with you. It comes with a bunch of facilities for the elders and they can live along with you too. 

  1. Make it your Guest Room:

As the name suggests, we usually assume that this flat is only for grandparents. But this is not the situation. It is an extra structure that can be utilised in a lot of different ways. And one of the best ones is to convert it into a guest room to give more space and privacy to your guests and maintain your own as well. For instance, if your kid is getting married and his/her friends are coming over to stay; you can have a separate space for them, without having to worry much. 

CONCLUSION; Is it Worth it? 

Well, yes it is. Granny flats are a creative addition to a property and they come along with a bunch of benefits that are extremely useful in the long run. Extra space is always utilised in a very creative manner. And property owners can do a lot with a granny flat, depending on different situations and times. 

If you are planning to add space to your property then a granny flat is a great choice to make.