Top 10 central business district (CBD) bars of Melbourne


Melbourne is a city having a demographic of several variated cultures, backgrounds & personalities. It does a marvelous job in providing a space to many people where they welcome & feel comfortable. For example, if you are fond of whiskey, you can engage yourself by taking its making classes, if you like sports memorabilia, then there is a particular place for you, or even if you are seeking to eat some spring rolls site & a sing-a-long? Melbourne has an excellent spot for you, according to your interests.

It is considered that before 1994 if a pub or bar tried to sell drinks, it also had to sell food items. When that law withdrew, it made way for the revival of a small bar in Melbourne. Almost all the best CBD bars, rooftops, and pubs are very close to each other. The bar culture spread to the different areas of Australia; still, the CBD holds the most prominent troupe of bars, either smaller & characterful or large & anonymous. Many city cocktail bars are located in the postcode 3000. Almost all are present within walking distance and closer to each other. The CBD has late-night opening licenses that allow drinking until the wee hours or around the clock.

Here we have mentioned Melbourne’s secret bars list, so you may consider where you will be for next time.

  1. Rooftop Bar (Bar):

Rooftop is one of the CBD’s classic rooftops. It comes in Melbourne-based movies because of its great outlooks, drinks & vibey music. It transforms into a cinema that provides a screening facility for classic blockbusters in summer. This bar showcases a 360-degree Melbourne city skyline view. It is also famous for its state-of-art sound system, unique cocktails & gourmet catering facility. Top Yard is the area you can use for your potential corporate party, birthday, or special event.

Location: Level 7, Curtin House 252 Swanston Street, (Melbourne)

  1. Trinket (Bar):

At Trinket bar, there is an allocated staff whose primary responsibility is telling people to transform a giant key that opens the main bar door. Another one has tabs on how many people have gone by the wardrobe present at the cellar bar below. It is a real twist behind the edgy premise; there is great fun. This big-ticket cocktail bar saves many people from going to other boring corporate bars in the city.

Location: 87 Flinders Ln 3000, (Melbourne)

  1. Bar margaux:

Underground located to the Paris-via-New York brasserie Bar Margaux, an area where oysters are cracked, Champagne popped up & steaks sizzled till the minimalist of hours (5-am on Fridays & Saturdays). Time itself likes to fly away in this fantastic world.

  1. Goldilocks bar:

Stick above the Chinese dumpling house, Goldilocks, whose two-tiered provides seductive booths & an amazing view-blessed rooftop. This hidden rooftop bar offers easy-drinking cocktails & beers. This spot is under-rated, unlike other rooftop bars. The goldilocks retractable rooftop is excellent for an all-weather option.

Location: Level 4 264 Swanston Street, (Melbourne)

  1. Embla:

Embla is well-known as a wine bar, but its charms are far more intense than the name suggests. People come here to taste the city’s best food and distinctive wine options poured specifically by its staff members.

Location: 122 Russell Street, (Melbourne)

  1. Beneath driver lane:

Beneath Driver Lane is present in the underground at the end of the alley, where you will feel the same as Chicago & Diagon Alley. The individuals behind the bar are all experienced professionals, knowledgeable & looking great in sharp black chef coats and whatever they’re mixing is quite intense, too.

  1. Angel Music Bar:

This music lover spot offers bar snacks along with sub-bass. Things are pretty fun & loud downstairs, with delicious drinks to enjoy. Upstairs there is a dancefloor where the volume gets really loud & people get loose quickly.

Location: 12 Bourke Street, (Melbourne)

  1. Bar Americano (Bar):

A rowdy, ten-person cocktail bar modeled as an Italian café where you can slant, have an espresso and pastry, and quickly leave. You shouldn’t expect to have more than a few cocktails here: typically, there is a line of customers waiting to get in & exerting the pressure on you. Bar Americano has created some of Melbourne’s best bartending talents.

  1. Cherry Bar (Bar):

This dimmed light dive bar is one of Melbourne’s most treasured & iconic rock’n’roll locations. Although it has moved out of its real ACDC Lane, it is still rocking as hard as ever, with its live music options held multiple nights a week. Visitors can expect anything, either rock to doom metal.

Location: 68 Little Collins Street, (Melbourne)

  1. Nick and Nora’s (Bar):

This bar has five rooms & three balconies. It is famous for its theatrical cocktails bubbling, liquid nitrogen, and a bowl of tropical boozy yuzu-pineapple punch for four (served in a giant bronze swan). Other popular things it serves are champagne towers, big 15-liter bottles of Mumm, & fancy canapés.

Location: 80 Collins Street, (Melbourne)