When travel insurance becomes mandatory


Whatever the destination and your travel experience, travel insurance, while not always mandatory, is always highly recommended when traveling abroad. What’s more; It is also essential to always carry a good pharmacy kit, but for this post the topic is not there.

In fact, the free choice of whether or not to use travel insurance is not applicable everywhere. Now, seeing that some countries require the visa applicant, a valid travel insurance.

Since 1988, Russia has required anyone wishing to obtain a tourist visa to purchase travel insurance. This seems strange when we know that in this country, the medical attention in principle free and of good quality. In the event of problems, resorting to paid care could reach large amounts quickly. Therefore, to cover medical and hospital expenses (illness, injury, accident), as well as medical repatriation or the deceased person, you will need, according to the legislation, to guarantee it in your country of residence.

A trend that is spreading beyond Europe as more recently, in May 2010, the island of Cuba adopted similar provisions. Of course, before this new regulation went into effect, health insurance was already highly recommended on the assumption that medical costs could also increase rapidly.

Therefore, if you want to sunbathe in cigar country or enjoy the charms of Red Square, without the risk of wasting time and money at customs upon arrival, we recommend that you make your arrangements before the day of his departure, and this, from a specialized insurer. In fact, by taking out travel insurance before you go on vacation, it will undoubtedly cost you less than the one it will sell before granting you the entry visa in your passport.

Member States of the European Union are no exception, as nationals of many countries who wish to enter or move freely within the Schengen area will also need to show sufficient proof of Schengen travel insurance. (up to 30,000 euros) to qualify for a visa. Check our archive here to know everything about the Schengen visa!

Depending on your needs, at atravelaid, we will provide you with information on all mandatory traveler insurance policies and subscription terms. Trust the specialists!