10 of the best hotels in Australia you have to stay at


Australia is very vast and is one of the beautiful continents in the world which has large wildlife and major cities. It’s a residence to the best beaches including Bondi in Sydney and Melbourne. There are several islands which are filled by travelers from all part of the world. Residents of Australia live in stylish cities, which include grand and luxury hotels and serviced apartments. The red continents fabulous places allow experiencing the Australian surroundings by staying there. Here are some best hotels in which you should have a stay to experience its luxury.

Southern ocean lodge :

The southern ocean lodge is located in South Australia, in the southern tip of the kangaroo restaurant. The hotel rooms have an ocean view by the Cliffside. you can look around Antarctica as an untried ocean and you can relax.

Latitude 131 :                                    

Latitude 131 is built-in accordance with the holy site of Uluru, also called Ayres rock. This site is deep inside Australia and it has connected travelers here and it binds to the natural beauty of the surrounding areas. It has friendly tenants with luxury bedding, linens, etc.

Qualia resort :

It’s located in the Hamilton islands near Whitsundays. This is considered small but it is rather spacious due to its architecture and is made with regional wood and it contents natural beauty and helps to enjoy the days in Whitsundays.

Silk oaks resort :

This resort is a type of resort you dreamt of as a child and it’s built with solid wood architecture surrounded by forest.  A cool river called Mossman passes underneath the hotel.  Silky oaks prevent the tropical heat from affecting travelers.

Saffire Freycinet:

It’s an ultra-modern hotel with extraordinary space which gives total relaxation to the residents. You get great service and experience in this resort.

Grand chancellor :

It’s located in Melbourne and the room is masculine and it’s very much comfortable. This hotel has highlights has a heated rooftop pool in which you can swim and relax.

Shangri-La hotel :

This hotel is located in Sydney and more than its exterior, inner rooms, history, services, immediate areas give the forthright view of iconic Sydney opera house and it leads to  Sydney harbor house.

Lizard Island resort :

Lizard Island resort is located lizard and provides elegant and great accommodation in a variety of suites and rooms. It offers great luxury and private lodging on the great barrier relief.

Langham hotel :

It offers vibrant and interactive dining serving best around the realm and at the same offers a great view of the river. This hotel is recognized as one of the leading hotels in the world.

Intercontinental Hyman :

Intercontinental human resort located in the green barrier relief. It gives an astonishing natural beauty and peace and adventure and makes the traveler relieved and be happy.

Wrapping it up :

It’s the best choice to spend your holidays in Australian hotels. They provide a luxurious and beautiful natural life and they are the best in the world. Hope you got some indications about the best hotels in Australia.