Coronavirus and Travel: What You Need to Know

A surfer heading out at Currumbin beach with the Gold Coast skyline in the background

Coronavirus or covid-19 is a virulent disease that is found recently and is caused by a virus named corona. It’s a deadly disease which affected half the population of the world. It causes respiratory illness in humans and sometimes leads to demise. Travelling is done constantly by all. Due to pandemic and lockdown travelling is restricted by the government. In the post covid era, the voyage is limited and is done with precautionary measures all around. The state prohibited more passengers from travelling in public transports and inter-nation transportation has been stopped. Measures must be followed by the people to be safe and it is very much important. Life is not so easy during this time.

Awareness during travel:

It is said that Coronavirus is primarily transmitted through the interaction of people by close contact. So people must be conscious of all the happenings and must restrict themselves from travelling in crowded areas. People can also spread awareness from their side to save many. Masks, sanitizers, gloves must be used while travelling out and you must avoid interaction from outsiders. Spitting must be averted to control the spread of coronavirus. All the precautionary measures should be relinquished. The used mask must be washed or disposed of safely. The impact of covid-19 is worse in the travelling sector.

Check the place of travelling :

Better avoid travelling to be safe. If it’s important to wander to other places, checking the distance and mode of transportation is very much needed. You must select a place which has proper medical facilities and is less crowed. Check for the covid-19  status, if it’s more neglect going there. Avoid going to public places like malls, bazaars, markets, theatres and costal areas. It’s also important to protect us from other disorders because it easily invites coronavirus near us. Touching of mass and things must also be evaded.

Social distancing while travelling :

Social distancing must be discerned while travelling to places. Avoid going near people and maintain at least 1-meter distancing. Touching of things should not be done and sanitisation is a must after performing all the tasks in transports. Washing of hands can also be done. Mask must be worn and everything must be carefully taken care of.

Impact of covid-19 in the transportation sector :

The impact of Coronavirus on the travelling sector is worse and is the primary victim. Due to lockdown in the widespread epidemic, the transport industry has been stopped for months.  Interregional, interstate, international travel is restricted. So, the income from it has drastically moved downwards. Trade is also restricted overseas so it reduced the income from abroad so the contribution of the transport sector to GDP has declined a lot.

Bottom line :

Have a happy and safe journey with all the precautionary measures being followed. Even though you are in quarantine, you must travel somewhere to make your mind fresh and live peacefully. You must be safe and you should not be responsible for the transmission of the disease.