A Contrarian view: Why travel is bad for the world


I personally believe in travel as traveling makes you more satisfied with your physical health and well-being. But, as it becomes a rush, you should also overlook the negative impacts on travel. Itinerant the whole world creates a bad impact on social well-being and even also the environment. You may usually prefer to book a staying in resorts or hotels first if you look for an adventure day out. But by taking this as the first decision, you may never experience the country’s business around. Travelling will give you a new idea of exploring new places, but at the same time, you may lose something which is very precious to you during your outing time. Here are some of the views of why travel is bad for the world. 

Travel hurts the environment:

Traveling is not the most eco-friendly of all other activities according to my opinion. Flying, cruising, eating outside and driving will have a negative impact. The way of showing is how moving on hurts the environment is by the routine practice where you may constantly use towels in hotel rooms or leaving the air conditioner to keep going on or even forget to turn off the lights when not needed. By this practice, you destroy the whole paradise you seek. So, you must opt to move on only in the right manner in which the surrounding environment will not get destroyed in any way. 

Waste of money:

This is a good point as you cannot say peripatetic has to be out of the country or anything. Road trips are an awesome choice of traveling experience which don’t have to be too long or eat up all your savings. It is up to your view whether you think it’s worth it or not. You won’t believe how much you may be tossing away on your vacation. From the choice of restaurant you afford for staying in, the way of packing your bags or doing a little bit of homework before leaving home will make you save back lots of income in adventure outings. 

Health risks in traveling:

Travelling can increase risks to personal health and well-being. So, you should have prior planning and understand the forthcoming risks when moving to unfamiliar, distant places. You have to take appropriate precautions before beginning a trip and ensuring a plan for your health condition when you are away from your living home. Knowing up-to-date routine vaccinations while traveling to any destination may help to bear critical health issues. It is your utmost responsibility to seek information and hang on to the necessary steps to protect yourself. 

Things are only good or bad only if you make them as like as it is always. If you stay with travelers, you never get out of the tourist area, never look for any new routes from your phone, wasting water, or riding with animals. In all seriousness, travel is not a bad option but you have to consider personal safety which will be good for you and the world.