How to get from Alicante airport to Denia?


Denia is a charming holiday resort that is located in the community of Valencia. Its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea makes it an extremely popular city, where you are sure to meet many tourists from France and Germany. Denia doesn’t have its own airport, so if you want to vacation there, you’ll need to arrange transportation from Alicante. We will tell you how best to do it.

Ways to transport from Alicante airport to Denia

If you want fast and fairly cheap transportation from Alicante to Denia then already in advance order a transfer from the airport to the city of your choice. Usually such options are provided by private transport companies, which provide buses or coaches – depending on the time and the number of willing people. Such a solution is really convenient, because you know exactly what time you will leave, and at the same time you do not have to worry about transfers or long stops. After all, you will go straight to the designated place.

If you want maximum independence, then use car rental. You can still arrange this at the airport, where usually many companies have their stands. Just note that car rental requires a credit card deposit – this can be as much as several thousand zlotys. So, if you are not prepared for such a risk, there is another option available to you. This is about the most budget solution in the form of public transportation. You will certainly find a bus that runs to Denia, although it is possible that you will have to wait longer for the next transport to arrive. However, if you care about cheap transportation, it is certainly worth opting for public transportation.

What is worth seeing in Denia?

Are you already at your destination? Did your trip pass without any problems? Then you can get busy with leisure activities. In Denia you can enjoy a number of interesting attractions that will make your stay more interesting and, above all, have a good time. We have selected some interesting places for you.

Denia Castle

The intriguing and simply magnificent Denia Castle is sure to quickly draw your attention. After all, it was built on a cliff, from where you can enjoy a magnificent view of the surroundings, namely the city and the sea. Besides, this castle dates back to the 11th century, when the Arabs ruled on Spanish soil. You are sure to find many interesting remains from antiquity, traces of Roman settlers or even Renaissance decorations. You simply must see this castle, which is also a symbol of Denia.

Walk around the center of Denia

Even a short walk through the center of Denia will make you feel the atmosphere of this city, where historic streets meet modern infrastructure. Such a mix has a lot of charm. Especially since the modern additions have not dimmed the charm of the old buildings.

Great beaches

Denia is well-known for its beautiful beaches, which invite you to take a stroll. You can also swim in the warm water or learn a new water sport such as scuba diving or swimming with a snorkel mask, sailing, and kayaking.